Another Round In Melbourne Town (Live)

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1. “Intro”
2. “MacPherson’s Rant” (from Sing a Song of Revolution)
3. “North of the 23” (from Rising)
4. “Fortune and Gold” (from A Journey for a Nation)
5. “Bordeaux” (from The Hungry Mile)
6. “The Miner’s Son” (from Rising)
7. “The Rising Tide” (from A Journey for a Nation)
8. “Portland 3:15” (from Rising)
9. “1788” (from Sing a Song of Revolution)
10. “The Old Dark Brown” (from Sing a Song of Revolution)
11. “5am” (from Sing a Song of Revolution)
12. “Mainland” (The Real McKenzies cover)
13. “Fifty Four” (from Rising)
14. “Away Away” (Weddings Parties Anything cover from Sing a Song of Revolution)
15. “Union Man” (from The Hungry Mile)
16. “Power of Youth” (from The Hungry Mile)
17. “Eastside Burning” (from Rising)
18. “Roaring Forties” (from Rising)
19. “Davey” (from The Hungry Mile)
20. “Wide Open Road” (The Triffids cover)

Album Credits:
J. Keenan – Vocals and Guitars
Agostino Soldati – Drums
Lachlan McSwain – Bagpipes/Tin Whistle
Tom Fisher – Bass
Mark Wallace – Accordion
John Bedggood – Fiddle
Jesse Beaton – Guitar and Mandolin

Recorded Live at the East Brunswick Club in Melbourne, Australia in May 2009 by Lance Krive and Jason McGann. Mixed by Jason McGann at Rseonator in Melbourne. Photography by Natalie Pestana & The Go Set. Illustration & Artwork by Daniel Cookson.


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