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Another Round in Melbourne Town (Live)


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This recording was made on a cold Melbourne night in the winter of 2009. Whilst it poured rain outside and an icy wind blew in off the bay, inside the pub, we danced up a storm. sweated, sang aloud. an shared a drink with friends. The live experience is what we have always been about, and hopefully, with this recording, we have managed to capture some of the feelings inside the room on that night. It’s not perfect, it is a live recording after all, but this is all of us and we had a blast.

2009 LIVE Album

  1. "Intro"
  2. "Macpherson's Rant"
  3. "North of the 23"
  4. "Fortune and Gold"
  5. "Bordeaux"
  6. "The Miner's son"
  7. "The Rising Tide"
  8. "Portland 315"
  9. "1788"
  10. "The Old Dark Brown
  11. "5AM"
  12. "Mainland"
  13. "Fifty Four"
  14. "Away Away"
  15. "Union Man"
  16. "Power of Youth"
  17. "Eastside Burning"
  18. "Roaring Forties"
  19. "Davey"
  20. "Wide Open Road"