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The Hungry Mile


1. Jig Of Slurs
2. Bordeaux
3. Davey
4. Tale Of A Convict
5. Salamanca
6. All The Truth And Lies
7. Union Man
8. The Hardness Of His Hand
9. The Power Of Youth
10. Scarlet Snow
11. Learning Slowly
12. The Lonest Holiday
13. Bombs Falling
14. Scots Wha


The Go Set's second album, The Hungry Mile (2006), was produced by Radio Birdman frontman Rob Younger.  It provided the singles "Davey", "Union Man" and "Power of Youth". Alongside Keenan and Moran, the line-up was Andrew Baxter on guitar and mandolin, Ben Cuthbert on drums, and Johnny "Rotten" McHaggis on bagpipes.  From March to June the group undertook their Hungry Mile Tour across Australia and to New Zealand.


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